Name 관리자 Date 2020-04-05
Subject Warning! Fake Microgen- Microgen India

"Microgen Hygiene Pvt.Ltd." is nothing related with Microgen Inc. and MicrogenAsia Ltd.

  It is not a subsidiary or related company of Microgen Inc.(USA) or MicrogenAsia Ltd.       (HQ of Asian business in Korea)


 This company 'was' a mere dealer of D-125 of Microgen Inc in India.


 They have no right to use 'Microgen' and 'D-125' brands in India or any other country.


  MicrogenAsia Ltd. has all the exclusive rights in India and has decided to stop its           dealership.


  Microgen Hygiene Pvt.Ltd. can't get D-125 from now on so customers have to be careful dealing with this company.


They use not-qualified material inside of bottle and put D-125 and Microgen logo on it.

This is criminal.

MicrogenAsia Ltd. will sue this company to infringe 'Microgen' and 'D-125' brand misuse.


Customers or dealers have to aware of this company and situation.

Best Regards,

Youngsoo SHIN.


MicrogenAsia Ltd. 


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